Top 10 Premier League Football Clubs on Twitter in 2023

Which Premier League football club has the most fans on Twitter in 2023?

Manchester United: Man United are not only the most popular team English football club on Twitter, but they are also the 3rd most followed club in the world.


As the Premier League is considered the richest and the most watched football league in the world and has millions of fans around the globe, it’s also widely followed on different social media platforms, including Twitter.

So, today we are presenting to you the Premier League football clubs that are most followed on Twitter.

So, which Premier League team has the most followers on Twitter?

The answer is Manchester United! The Red Devils are the most popular English football club among the fans on Twitter, with over 35,9 million followers.

Chelsea is in 2nd place with over 24,8 million fans on Twitter. One of the richest Premier League football clubs, Liverpool, is the 3rd with 23,8 million Twitter followers.

Let’s have a detailed look at the Premier League football clubs with the most fans on Twitter in 2023.

Counting the number of fans, we have considered the Twitter fan following of the Premier League 2023-2024 season for all 20 football clubs.


Here are the results:

1. Manchester United

Manchester United is the most followed football club on Twitter with over 35,9 million followers.

2. Chelsea

Chelsea is 2nd in the list with over 24,8 million followers on Twitter.

3. Liverpool

Liverpool is the third in the list with over 23,8 million Twitter followers.

4. Arsenal

Arsenal comes next in the list with over 21,6 million fans on Twitter.

5. Manchester City

The richest football club in the world, Manchester City is the 5th most followed football club on Twitter with over 16,4 million followers.

6. Tottenham

Another London club, Tottenham, is 6th with 8,7 million followers on Twitter.

7. Everton FC

Everton FC is next in the list with over 3 million Twitter followers.

8. West Ham

West Ham is 8th in the list with 2,6 million Twitter followers.

9. Newcastle United

Newcastle United is the next in the list with over 2,6 million followers.

10. Aston Villa

Aston Villa is the last in the list of the most followed Premier League football clubs on Twitter in 2023 with over 2,3  million followers.


Top 10 Premier League Football Clubs with Most Fans on Twitter in 2023: Total Results

Premier League 2023-2024 season all 20 football clubs on Twitter by followers!


Manchester United – 35,9M

Chelsea – 24,8M

Liverpool – 23,8M

Arsenal – 21,6M

Manchester City – 16,4M

Tottenham – 8,7M

Everton FC – 3M

West Ham – 2,6M

Newcastle United – 2,M

Aston Villa – 2,3M

Crystal Palace – 1,4M

Wolverhampton – 1,2M

Brighton – 902K

Burnley – 786,9K

Fulham – 729K

Bournemouth – 680,3K

Nottingham Forest – 623,3K

Sheffield United – 555,7K

Brentford – 334,6K

Luton – 171K



In conclusion, Twitter serves as an important platform for Premier League football clubs to connect with fans globally.


In 2023, Manchester United lead the pack with 35.9 million followers, followed closely by Chelsea (24.8M) and Liverpool (23.8M).

The Premier League’s popularity is evident in the substantial Twitter followings of other prominent clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City. Social media’s influence in football continues to grow, bringing fans closer to their favorite teams and fostering a strong bond between them.