Premier League Stadiums and Fan Attendance: The 2022-2023 Season Review


The Premier League, known for its thrilling matches and passionate fans, once again delivered a season filled with excitement and drama. As we look into the data, it becomes evident how integral fans are to the league’s spirit, filling the stadiums and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Top Contenders for Fan Attendance

Leading the charts in fan attendance was none other than Manchester United, with an outstanding total of 1,402,171 fans massing to their stadium throughout 19 matches, resulting in an impressive average of 73,798 attendees per game.

The fans of Manchester United showed their love and excitement at Old Trafford, making it a special and memorable experience for the players and everyone watching.

Following closely behind, West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur showed their passionate fan bases, attracting 1,186,777 and 1,169,938 supporters, respectively, during the 19 matches. West Ham United’s London Stadium hosted an average of 62,462 fans per game, while Tottenham Hotspur Stadium experienced an atmosphere with an average of 61,576 fans attending each match.

Other Teams’ Numbers

Arsenal FC’s home ground, the Emirates Stadium, did a fantastic job too! They had a total of 1,143,626 fans coming to their games throughout the season, and around 60,191 fans cheered for them in each match. The passionate support from the loyal Arsenal fans motivated the players and led to some incredible moments on the field.

The data also shows the fervor of other Premier League top teams, with Manchester City, Liverpool FC, and Newcastle United drawing a massive crowd to their stadiums, highlighting the deep-rooted passion fans have for their beloved clubs.

A Tale of Rivalries and Local Heroes

It’s not surprising that the Premier League has a long history and intense rivalries. Teams like Aston Villa, Chelsea FC, and Everton FC had strong backing from their fans, making their home games electric and full of excitement.

New Entrants, New Excitement

Newly-promoted Brentford FC and AFC Bournemouth may have had relatively lower attendance figures, but the passionate support from their fans resonated through their respective stadiums, contributing to an unforgettable season for both clubs.

The Heartbeat of the Premier League

The overall fan attendance for the 2022-2023 season was an astonishing 15,261,764, with an average of 40,269 fans attending each of the 379 matches. This remarkable figure once again confirms the Premier League’s status as one of the most popular and widely followed football leagues in the world.


In football, fans are the heart and soul of the game, bringing passion and emotion to every match. The 2022-2023 Premier League season showed how fans from all over the world stay dedicated and supportive. We can’t wait for the next season, knowing that fans will come together again to witness the incredible magic and drama that only the Premier League can offer.