The football and sports betting industry is one of the fastest-growing segments in the world. It has grown in popularity in some countries in recent years. Thanks to advances in technology, players can now access top online casino sites where they can engage in different betting games. In fact, there are still numerous problems for the industry as gambling, in general, is not yet widespread. Nonetheless, here is what players need to know about football betting.

Popular sports betting markets: Football betting is gaining more popularity in India

Since cricket is the most popular sport in India, most players naturally bet on the outcome of cricket matches. The Indian Premier League, in particular, is very popular among bettors, although some also bet on international tournaments and leagues. In fact, it comes as no surprise that most sports betting sites that cater to Indian punters feature mostly fantasy cricket in their promotions.

Football is also becoming more popular among Indian bettors thanks to the global appeal of international leagues such as the EPL and La Liga. So, what are the odds for betting on Indian football? When browsing betting sites, we find that bookmakers often offer special offers for football fans.


Deposit and withdrawal methods

Since sports betting in India still finds itself in a legal and a regulatory gray area, one concern bettors have is depositing and withdrawing money from their accounts. The fact that they have to use international sites adds to their concern. Nonetheless, there are several methods a player can use to deposit and withdraw funds from a foreign betting account.

These websites allow customers to make debit card payments using MasterCard and Visa. With such betting sites, depositing and withdrawing money from their betting account is cheap, quick, and convenient. Some betting sites also accept online bank transfers from India, while cryptocurrency payments are gaining traction.


The impact of technology on sports betting

Technology has opened up in the sports betting marketplace. Players can now bet on foreign sites without worrying that they are breaking the law, which was not the case in the past. Internet and mobile proliferation have been the main factors behind the growing popularity of sports betting in India.

As more and more people spend more time online, bettors have access to more betting opportunities. So, it’s no surprise that most sports bookmakers have mobile-friendly apps and websites. Advances in technology have also made it easier for bettors to deposit and withdraw funds from their betting accounts.

Tips for choosing an online bookmaker

Dozens of sports betting sites are targeting the Indian market. Choosing the right website can be a challenge when a player starts betting. When deciding on a betting site that suits each customer, several factors should be considered. It is best to remember that choosing the correct betting site is just as crucial as the bets they end up making.

When a player intends to join an online sports bookmaker, they should know ​​what they are looking for. For example, do they want to bet on an event or two, or do they want to become a full-time bettor? Finding the perfect sports betting site is more straightforward when players know what they want to achieve.

When players decide on a suitable bookmaker, they undoubtedly have a list of potential sites. An easy way to find the one that best suits their skills and ability is by reading reviews and testing each site. This doesn’t mean depositing money into a betting account, as clicking through the different website sections will give them an idea of ​​how it works.

What is the legal status of sports betting?

Like other forms of gambling, sports betting is primarily considered illegal in India. It is illegal in most states. However, no specific law prevents Indian people from betting on foreign sites. This clearly shows that, legally speaking, getting involved in sports betting depends on many factors. 

While Indians cannot place bets at local bookmakers or sites registered in the county, they can legally bet at international sites that offer their services to Indian residents. A recent study found that 40% of internet users in India are engaged in gambling. Judging by the significant increase in Indians taking part in sports betting, all the country’s states could legalize sports betting in the coming years.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, India is on the verge of legalizing local sports betting. As a result, the industry is also increasing. So, bettors could get access to large offers of online gambling legally.