Tottenham Followers on Social Media in 2023


In the digital era, social media is where Premier League fans come together to share their passion, support their favorite teams, and celebrate their victories. One such team that has a passionate global following is Tottenham Hotspur, one of the most popular English football clubs. Let’s embark on a journey into the vibrant world of Tottenham followers on social media in 2023!


How many fans does Tottenham have on social media in 2023?

Tottenham has a total 89,3 million followers on social media!


Facebook: 32 million followers

Tottenham has 32 million followers on Facebook. Fans following the club, become part of a digital family where they discuss memorable matches, relive historic goals, and proudly wear their Spurs colors. Facebook is where the Tottenham spirit shines, connecting fans and creating a home for shared memories.


Instagram: 15.5 million followers

On Instagram, Tottenham has 15.5 million followers. From heartwarming moments between players to thrilling matchday scenes, every pixel on this platform speaks of passion.


Twitter: 8,7 million followers

Tottenham has 8,7 million followers on Twitter. Here matchday excitement comes to life, where fans celebrate goals, discuss player performances, and rally behind their team. From sharing the joy of a stunning victory to participating in good-natured banter, Twitter is a virtual stadium where Tottenham supporters create a global chorus.


YouTube: 2,83 million subscribers

Tottenham’s history and highlights are shared on YouTube, where the club has 2,83 million subscribers on. Fans can relive iconic goals, memorable saves, and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes content.


TikTok: 30,2 million followers

On TikTok Tottenham has 30,2 million fans. This platform is all about celebrating Spurs in style – from choreographed dances to creative tributes.

Total Followers

Total: 89,3 million followers

When you add up the followers from different platforms, Tottenham’s social media community stands at an impressive 89.3 million. This number also includes 40,200 followers on other social media platforms that aren’t mentioned above.


In 2023, Tottenham has more than 89,3 million fans on different social media platforms. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the shared love for the club that unites fans from all walks of life. Each follower is a testament to the deep-rooted passion that makes Tottenham Hotspur more than just a football team.

So, whether you’re tweeting a goal celebration, double-tapping an Instagram post, or participating in a TikTok trend, remember that you’re adding your voice to a global chorus that chants, “Come On You Spurs!”