Everton Followers on Social Media in 2023


The Premier League new season has already started, first matches are played, and we keep going through the League details, clubs, players, etc.

Today, we are going to have a look at the social media followers of one of the most followed Premier League football clubs, Everton. So, let’s get started!


How many fans does Everton have on social media in 2023?

Everton has a total 13,3 million followers on social media!


Facebook: 4,4 million followers

Everton has 4,4 million followers on Facebook. This platform connects the fans from worldwide, who discuss memorable matches and support their favorite club together.


Instagram: 2.9 million followers

On Instagram, Everton has 2.9 million followers. This visual platform captures the essence of Everton in snapshots of celebrations, passionate fans, and iconic moments on the field. The royal blue and white colors of the team stand out, creating a canvas where fans can relive the excitement and immerse themselves in the club’s journey.


Twitter: 3 million followers

Everton has 3 million followers on Twitter. Here the matchday excitement comes alive, where fans celebrate goals, discuss tactics, and show their unwavering support. From sharing the thrill of a last-minute winner to engaging in light-hearted banter, Twitter is a virtual stadium where Evertonians create a global chorus.


YouTube: 758,000 subscribers

Everton’s history and highlights are shared on YouTube via videos, where the club has over 758,000 subscribers. Fans can relive unforgettable goals, watch tactical analysis, and enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes content.


TikTok: 2.2 million followers

On TikTok, the club has 2.2 million fans. Here they express their passion through dance challenges, reenactments of memorable goals, and heartfelt tributes to the club. From choreographed routines to showing the Everton spirit, TikTok lets fans share their love in short and dynamic videos that resonate with fellow Toffees.

Total Followers

Total: 13,3 million followers

When summarizing the followers from different platforms, Everton’s social media family is 13,3 million fans worldwide. This number also includes 60,000 followers on other social media platforms that aren’t mentioned above.


13,3 million fans isn’t just a number; it’s a proof of sympathy and love that fans have for the club and when the fans are retweeting a match update, double-tapping an Instagram post, or participating in a TikTok challenge, they’re adding their voice to a global chorus that chants, “Forever Everton!”