In 2024, Real Madrid stays on top as the football club with the most fans on social media.


How many followers does Real Madrid have on social media?

Now, Real Madrid has over 381,38 million followers on social media platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Real Madrid remains the most followed football club worldwide, a title it has held since at least 2021.
  • The club experienced a growth of 8.1 million followers in 2024, bringing its total to 381.39 million across all platforms.
  • Instagram is their most popular platform with 154 million followers, followed by Facebook (121M), Twitter (50.2M), TikTok (40.3M), YouTube (12.5M), and others (3.39M).
  • This follower distribution highlights Real Madrid’s diversified social media strategy, catering to a wide range of demographics and preferences.
How Many Followers Does Real Madrid Have on Social Media Now
How Many Followers Does Real Madrid Have on Social Media Now

How We Got the Data

Counting the number of Real Madrid followers, we have considered their most followed social media accounts on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at the Real Madrid followers on social media platforms one by one!

Real Madrid Facebook: 121 M

Real Madrid’s Facebook page has 121 million people following it, showing how big and active its fan community is online. They use the page to share highlights from games, interviews with players, and news about the club, making sure fans always have something new to see.

This shows that Facebook is still a popular place for sports teams to keep in touch with their fans.

Real Madrid Instagram: 154 M

Instagram is where Real Madrid shines the most, with 154 million followers. This platform is perfect for sharing cool photos and videos from games, practices, and what players are up to off the field, giving fans a closer look at their favorite team.

Instagram’s features like stories and live videos make it easy for Real Madrid to connect with fans at the moment, especially the younger crowd.

Real Madrid Twitter: 50,2 M

On Twitter, Real Madrid has over 50 million followers. It’s a great place for them to post quick updates during games, share scores, and talk directly to fans.

Twitter is all about fast news and conversations, making it the go-to spot for fans who want to stay up-to-date and get involved with what’s happening with the club right now.

Real Madrid YouTube: 12,5 M

Real Madrid’s YouTube channel is followed by 12.5 million people, offering longer videos like game highlights, interviews, and special behind-the-scenes looks at the team.

This lets fans get to know the team better and see what happens off the field, with exclusive content that’s both fun and interesting. YouTube helps Real Madrid reach fans all over the world with videos that tell more about the team’s story.

Real Madrid TikTok: 40,3 M

Real Madrid has quickly grown a big following on TikTok, with 40.3 million people watching their videos. This platform is all about short, fun clips that show a different, lighter side of football, like player challenges and funny moments.

Real Madrid’s use of TikTok shows they’re keeping up with the latest ways to connect with younger fans, making sure they stay relevant and engaging for all ages.

Real Madrid Followers on social media 2024
Real Madrid Followers on social media 2024


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