Miralem Pjanić: “In Italy everyone is waiting for Juventus to lose.”


Former Juventus and current Barcelona midfielder, Miralem Pjanić gave an interview and spoke about Juventus before today’s Champions League match Barcelona vs Juventus.

Barcelona midfielder stated: “Juventus always have the obligation and the willingness to try to win everything.”

Pjanić mentioned: “Juventus is a strong, stable club with a great president who is always present and knows how to set goals.”

Pjanić also added: “In Italy everyone is waiting for Juventus to lose. After 9 years it is normal,” adding that” it is enough that they are calm inside (at Juventus) and strong together to overcome the problems that will appear.”

The Champions League group stage, group six, matchday six game between Barcelona and Juventus will be played today, at 20:00 PM (GMT), at Camp Now.

This match will be exciting also because of the Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry.