Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Revenge or Spaniards Victory?


After the UEFA Champions League Real Madrid vs Liverpool final in 2018, in Kyiv, the teams will meet again!

These teams last match brought Real Madrid their 13th Champions League Cup (which is a UCL record), with the Spanish side setting a 3-1 victory over Liverpool.

Some see this a great chance for revenge, the other ones just expect to see an impressive match by football giants.

Waiting for the match, let’s have a look at some stats and facts between Liverpool and Real Madrid.


Real Madrid’s journey to the UCL Quarter-finals

In the group stage 6 matches, Real Madrid won 3 matches, set 1 draw and lost 2 matches. With this, Real finished the group stage in first place.

In the final of 16, Real Madrid faced Atalanta, winning the 1st match 1-0 in Bergamo and the 2nd one in Madrid for 3-1.


Liverpool’s journey to the UCL Quarter-finals

In the group stage 6 matches, Liverpool won 4 matches, set 1 draw and lost 1 match, finishing the group stage in first place with 13 points.

In the final of 16, Liverpool faced RB Leipzig, winning both matches 2-0.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool: H2H

There’s history between these two clubs that has not been forgotten in a hurry thanks to the final in Kyiv.

Real Madrid and Liverpool have met in the European competitions for 6 times.

The 1st match between these 2 clubs was played in European Cup Final, in 1981. Liverpool won the match 1-0.

The other 5 matches the sides played in the Champions League, where Real Madrid set 3 victories (the last one was the UCL 2017-2018 final), and Liverpool set 2 victories.


Here is the table of the matches:


Match Result


27 May, 1981 Real Madrid vs Liverpool 0-1 European Cup Final
25 February, 2009 Real Madrid vs Liverpool 0-1 UCL 1st knockout round 1st leg
10 March, 2009 Liverpool v Real Madrid 4-0 UCL 1st knockout round 2nd leg
22 October, 2014 Liverpool v Real Madrid 0-3 UCL Group B
04 November, 2014 Real Madrid v Liverpool 1-0 UCL Group B
26 May, 2018 Liverpool v Real Madrid 1-3 UCL Final


Real Madrid vs Liverpool: Date

The first leg will take place at the Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano on April 6, and the 2nd leg will be played at Anfield a week after on April 14. Dates will be confirmed later today.


Here are the UCL 2020-2021 Quarter-final matches:

Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund

Porto vs Chelsea

Bayern vs PSG

Real Madrid vs Liverpool



Bayern/PSG vs. Manchester City/Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid/Liverpool vs Porto/Chelsea



Winners SF 1 vs. Winners SF 2

The UCL 2020-2021 final match is scheduled to take place in Istanbul on May 29.


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