Newcastle United Followers on Social Media in 2023


One of the most exciting football leagues in the world, the Premier League 2023-2024 season is already underway and Newcastle United, one of the most followed Premier League football clubs, already had time to set a 5-1 victory over Aston Villa.

Fans couldn’t wait for a better start for the season!

And, today is the right time to share how many followers Newcastle has on social media. Let’s get started!


How many fans does Newcastle United have on social media in 2023?

Newcastle United has a total 11 million followers on social media!



Facebook: 3,5 million followers

Newcastle United has 3,5 million followers on Facebook. This platform isn’t just about supporting the team; it’s about creating a community where fans discuss everything regarding their favorite club: historic matches, showcase their Newcastle pride, and connect with fellow supporters.


Instagram: 1,9 million followers

On Instagram, Newcastle United has 1,9 million followers. From the excitement of matchdays to moments behind the scenes, every image shares something from the club life.


Twitter: 2,6 million followers

Newcastle United has 2,6 million followers on Twitter. Here the match emotions come alive, where fans celebrate goals, analyze tactics, and stand in unison.


YouTube: 438,000 subscribers

Newcastle United’s memorable moments are shared on YouTube, where the club has over 438,000 subscribers. Fans can relive iconic goals, watch tactical analysis, and gain an insider’s view through exclusive interviews.


TikTok: 2,6 million followers

On TikTok, the club has 2,6 million fans. Here, supporters express their passion through dance challenges and creative tributes to the club.


Total: 11 million followers

When you add up the followers from various platforms, Newcastle United’s social media family stands strong at an exciting 11 million. This number also includes 30,400 followers on other social media platforms that aren’t mentioned above.


These numbers represent a united force of fans who share the same passion for Newcastle United. And, remember, when you’re retweeting a goal, sharing an Instagram post, or participating in a TikTok trend, remember that you’re contributing to a chorus that chants, “Howay the Lads!”