Man United vs Liverpool Head to Head


Key Takeaways

  1. Historic Rivalry: Manchester United vs. Liverpool is a cornerstone rivalry in English and global football.
  2. Record: United has 90 wins, Liverpool 81, with 68 draws. Mohamed Salah is the top scorer with 12 goals.
  3. Highlights: The rivalry started in 1894, showcasing periods of dominance by both clubs, unforgettable matches, and dramatic shifts in success over the years.
  4. Iconic Matches: Key moments include Manchester United’s 1977 FA Cup final win and Liverpool’s 7-0 victory in 2023.
  5. Cultural Significance: This rivalry underscores the deep heritage and passionate following of English football. 

Man United vs Liverpool Stats

Manchester United Games Won: 90

Liverpool Games Won: 81

Games Drawn: 68

Top Scorer: Mohamed Salah, 12 goals

Next Match: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Match: Man United vs Liverpool

Date: Sun, 07-Apr-24

Kick off: 15:30 

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is probably the most legendary Premier League rivalry and one of the most legendary and historical in the world of football.

It dates back to the late 19th century and has seen these two footballing giants clash in numerous memorable fixtures.

During the Premier League 2023-2024 season, the most popular Premier League football clubs will meet each other twice, on 16 of December and on April 6, 2024.

So, today let’s have a look at the rivalry and the head-to-head history between these two iconic clubs.

The Early Years (1894-1919)

The first match between Manchester United (then known as Newton Heath) and Liverpool took place on April 28, 1894, in a Test Match, where Liverpool won the match 2-0. This marked the beginning of a fierce rivalry that would span over a century.

In the early years, both teams competed in different leagues and tournaments, including League Division One, League Division Two, and the FA Cup. Matches were often closely contested, with both sides claiming victories.

One notable match during this period was on February 7, 1903, when Manchester United defeated Liverpool 2-1 in the FA Cup. This win showed the rising stature of the club, which was later renamed Manchester United in 1902.

The Interwar Period (1920-1939)

The 1920s and 1930s were characterized by a series of closely fought matches. Notable fixtures included Liverpool’s 7-4 victory over Manchester United in March 1908 and Manchester United’s 4-0 win in September 1907.

These years saw the rivalry intensify, with both clubs enjoying periods of success in the league. The fans were treated to thrilling contests, and the matches became must-watch events.

War-Time & Post-War Rivalry (1940-1960)

During World War II, competitive football continued in regional war leagues. Matches between Manchester United and Liverpool, two of the football clubs with the most fans in the world, continued to be fiercely contested, with results often going either way.

One memorable match during this period was in February 1946 when Manchester United secured a 2-1 victory over Liverpool. These matches provided fans with a welcome distraction from the challenges of wartime.

After the war, the rivalry resumed in full force. Manchester United and Liverpool continued to battle it out in the league, FA Cup, and other competitions. In 1946, Manchester United defeated Liverpool 5-0 twice, showing their dominance during this era.

The 1950s and 1960s saw both clubs assert themselves as major forces in English football.

The Modern Era (1960-2023)

The latter half of the 20th century and the early 21st century saw the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool reach new heights. These years were marked by dramatic encounters, iconic goals, and legendary players.

In the 1970s, Liverpool dominated English football, while Manchester United struggled. However, the tables turned in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s when Manchester United, under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson, enjoyed unprecedented success. Matches during this period were critical in deciding league titles and cup competitions.

One of the most memorable matches in recent history took place on May 21, 1977, when Liverpool faced Manchester United in the FA Cup final. Manchester United won 2-1.

The 21st century brought more memorable clashes, including a 4-1 victory for Liverpool in March 2009 and a thrilling 3-3 draw in January 2010.

In recent years, Liverpool and Manchester United have continued to compete at the highest level. Matches have been closely contested, with no shortage of drama and excitement. A standout fixture was in January 2021, when Manchester United defeated Liverpool 3-2 in the FA Cup.

The most recent meeting between these two giants of English football took place on March 5, 2023, when Liverpool secured a resounding 7-0 victory over Manchester United. This result showed the unpredictable nature of this historic rivalry, where anything can happen on the day.


The head-to-head history between Manchester United and Liverpool is proof of the rich English football history. From the early encounters in the late 19th century to the modern-day clashes, this rivalry has provided fans with countless moments of joy, heartbreak, and excitement.