Top 10 Most Famous Newcastle United Players of All Time


One of the most supported English football clubs, Newcastle United, often known as the Magpies, has a history filled with iconic players who have made an everlasting impact on the world of football.

While the club’s trophy cabinet hasn’t seen much silverware in recent decades, the club has seen some remarkable talents over the years. From prolific goalscorers to legendary defenders, these players have left an indelible mark on Newcastle’s rich footballing heritage. In this article, we’ll celebrate the top 10 most famous Newcastle United players of all time, highlighting their contributions to the club’s enduring legacy.

10. Hughie Gallacher

Appearances: 174

Goals: 143

Hughie Gallacher, though a controversial figure off the field, remains a legendary figure in Newcastle’s history. He was a prolific striker whose 36 goals in the 1926/27 season played a crucial role in Newcastle’s last league title victory. His exceptional goal-scoring ability, both for the club and for Scotland, cements his place as one of the Magpies’ greatest.

9. Bill McCracken

Appearances: 432

Goals: 8

Bill McCracken, a loyal servant to Newcastle, spent an astounding 19 years at the club. Initially signed as a backup right-back, he became a stalwart in the team, amassing 432 appearances. His defensive skills and dedication to the club contributed to three league titles and an FA Cup win.

8. Andy Cole

Appearances: 84

Goals: 68

Andy Cole, a prolific goal-scorer, made an indelible mark during his time at Newcastle. With an incredible strike rate of 68 goals in just 84 games, he played a crucial role in the club’s ascent to the Premier League. Cole’s exploits earned him the PFA Young Player of the Year Award and a special place in the hearts of Newcastle supporters.

7. Rob Lee

Appearances: 381

Goals: 56

Rob Lee, a versatile midfielder, became an integral part of Kevin Keegan’s “Entertainers” side. With 267 Premier League appearances for Newcastle, he played a crucial role during a decade of service. Lee’s commitment and contribution to the club earned him a special place in the hearts of Newcastle fans.

6. John Rutherford

Appearances: 334

Goals: 92

John “Jock” Rutherford, known as “the Newcastle Flyer,” was a winger with lightning-fast feet. His exciting style of play on the right flank endeared him to the fans. Rutherford was part of the team during Newcastle’s three league victories and FA Cup triumphs.

5. Len White

Appearances: 269

Goals: 153

Len White, a prolific striker, joined Newcastle in 1953. Playing alongside Jackie Milburn, he helped maintain Newcastle’s attacking skills. His goal-scoring abilities kept the Magpies competitive during his time with the club.

4. Jimmy Lawrence

Appearances: 507

Jimmy Lawrence was a formidable goalkeeper who played a significant role in Newcastle’s Edwardian-era success. With 496 appearances, he was an essential member of the legendary Edwardian team. His consistency in goal was crucial to the club’s achievements.

3. Paul Gascoigne

Appearances: 104

Goals: 25

Paul Gascoigne, one of England’s most skilled footballers, graced Newcastle for three unforgettable seasons. His flair and creativity on the field brought moments of brilliance to the Toon Army. Despite his relatively short stay, Gazza’s impact is fondly remembered by fans.

2. Jackie Milburn

Appearances: 399

Goals: 201

Affectionately known as “Wor Jackie,” Jackie Milburn was a lightning-fast forward who played a pivotal role in Newcastle’s three FA Cup victories during the 1950s. His incredible pace and goal-scoring ability made him a true icon for the Magpies.

1. Alan Shearer

Appearances: 405

Goals: 206

Alan Shearer, the quintessential English center-forward, is undoubtedly Newcastle United’s greatest player of all time. With a record-breaking 206 goals for the club and an astonishing 260 in the Premier League, Shearer’s legacy as a goal-scoring icon is secure.

While he may not have won major trophies with Newcastle, his impact on the team and the league remains unparalleled.


Newcastle United has been blessed with a rich history of exceptional players who have graced St. James’ Park. These top 10 iconic players have left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy, each contributing in their unique way.

By the way, who is your all-time favorite Newcastle United player, and what memories do you cherish most from their time at the club? Share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments below!