Manchester City, the Richest Premier League Football Club in the World in 2024 (Updated)

Current Champions League winner, the richest English football club in the world, Manchester City are not just winning on the field; they’re winning big in the money game too.

So, hold onto your scarves as in this article, we’ll break down how City’s money moves are making a real impact in the world of football.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s cheer for the Cityzens – they’re really making it big!

Manchester City Revenue & Profits

Manchester City’s 820 million EURO Revenue in 2024

Guess what? Manchester City made 820 million EURO (£712.8 million) in 2024! That’s a giant growth of 115 million EURO (£99.8 million) from last year, according to the Manchester City official financial statement.

Now, where did all that cash come from?

Well, they got 398 million EURO (£341.4 million) from doing business stuff, another 349 million EURO (£299.4 million) from showing their games on TV, and a cool 83 million EURO (£71.9 million) from matchdays.

It’s not just about kicking the ball – City’s also kicking it big in the money game! Let’s break down these numbers and see just how much money Manchester City is rolling in.

Manchester City Revenue

Commercial Revenue

Manchester City had a great year in partnerships. They got new deals and extended contracts with old ones like Xylem, Gatorade, Acronis, and others.

They rocked it on social media, becoming the top Premier League club for video views and engagement. In a first for the club, they even launched stuff on Roblox, reaching over 7.6 million visits. It was a year of big wins both on and off the pitch!

Retail Revenue

Manchester City’s retail game was on fire this season, with record-breaking sales over 85% year-on-year. The three kits, blending a nod to the past and a look to the future, played a key role in this success, especially the home kit inspired by the legendary midfielder Colin Bell, making it the most sold in the Club’s history.

Not stopping there, the launch of the 2023-24 home kit set a new record for the highest day of sales ever recorded, with one shirt sold every 12 seconds.

Manchester City’s 93 million EURO Profits in 2024

During the last season, Manchester City generated profits of 93 million EURO (£80.4M). It’s 45 million EURO more than the previous season.

Man City got a record profit for the 2nd season in a row. In the 2021-2022 season, Man City got a profit of 48 million EURO (£41.7M).

Manchester City Brand Value

Guess what? One of the richest football clubs in the world, Manchester City got the title of the world’s most valuable football club brand! Their brand value set a growth by a cool 13%, now being €1.51 billion. That’s a massive win, showing how much people love and recognize the City brand.

So, whether it’s the thrilling matches or the iconic blue jerseys, it seems like everyone wants a piece of Manchester City these days.


In a nutshell, Manchester City is having a massive victory lap in 2024, not just as the current Champions League winners but also as the wealthiest English football club. Their revenue hit 820 million EURO (£712.8 million), breaking records with a significant increase from the previous year.

It’s not just about scoring goals; City’s financial game is on point. Their partnerships, social media dominance, and innovative ventures in retail, with jerseys flying off the shelves, show their all-around success.

Plus, let’s not forget the incredible 93 million EURO (£80.4 million) in profits, making it two seasons in a row. And to top it all off, Manchester City is now the king of the brand world, with a value of €1.51 billion, proving that everyone wants a piece of the Cityzens’ success, whether it’s on the pitch or in the world of football business. Cheers to Manchester City – they’re truly kicking it big!

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