Liverpool History, Records, Facts & Achievements


In English football, one name stands out above the rest – Liverpool Football Club, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, It’s a club with a rich history and a special place in the hearts of fans all over the world.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at Liverpool’s journey through time, their collection of trophies, some interesting records, and a few facts that make Liverpool a fascinating topic for football fans.

So, let’s get started!

Liverpool Brief History

One of the most popular English football clubs in the world, Liverpool F.C. traces its origins to a dispute between the Everton committee and John Houlding, the club’s president and owner of the land at Anfield. After eight years at the stadium, Everton relocated to Goodison Park in 1892.

In response, Houlding founded Liverpool F.C. to play at Anfield. Originally named “Everton F.C. and Athletic Grounds Ltd,” the club officially became Liverpool F.C. in March 1892, gaining recognition after The Football Association refused to acknowledge it as Everton.

Liverpool played its first match on 1 September 1892, winning 7–1 against Rotherham Town. This team was composed entirely of Scottish players, affectionately known as the “team of Macs,” as they were recruited from Scotland by manager John McKenna. The Lancashire League was clinched in their debut season, and Liverpool joined the Football League Second Division in 1893. Promoted to the First Division in 1896, they secured their first league title in 1901 under manager Tom Watson.

Liverpool Trophies

Trophies in England

First Division/Premier League: 19

Second Division: 4

FA Cup: 8

Football League Cup/EFL Cup: 9

FA Charity Shield/FA Community Shield: 16

One of the richest football clubs in the world, Liverpool’s journey to success in England has been marked by triumphs in domestic competitions. The club’s first league title arrived in 1901, a feat they repeated in 1906.

After a gap, Liverpool secured the First Division championship for the third time in 1922 and followed it with another in 1923.

A 17-year wait ensued before they clinched their fifth title in 1947 under the guidance of George Kay. The FA Cup, however, remained elusive until the 1964–65 season. In the 1980s, Liverpool was a force to be reckoned with, claiming six league titles, two FA Cups, and four League Cups.

Trophies in Europe

Champions League Titles: 6

UEFA Europa League: 3

UEFA Super Cup Titles: 4

Liverpool’s impact extended beyond English shores. In Europe, they etched their name in history by winning the European Cup/UEFA Champions League a remarkable six times, including memorable victories in 1976–77, 1977–78, and 2018–19.

The UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League also found its way to Anfield on three occasions in 1972–73, 1975–76, and 2000–01. Add to this four UEFA Super Cup triumphs, and Liverpool’s European pedigree is undeniable.

Liverpool Records

Liverpool’s legacy is enriched with records that highlight their prowess in English football. The club boasts the most top-flight wins and points in English football history.

Their average league finishing position for the 50-year period to 2015 is an impressive 3.3, showing their consistency at the highest level. In the 20th century, Liverpool ranked second only to Arsenal in average league position, with an average of 8.7.

Liverpool Top Facts

The “Boot Room” at Anfield was the birthplace of Liverpool’s resurgence. Bill Shankly, Joe Fagan, Reuben Bennett, and Bob Paisley, all associated with this room, reshaped the team’s fortunes.

Liverpool’s first FA Cup Final appearance was in 1914, though they lost 1–0 to Burnley.

The Hillsborough disaster in 1989 was a tragic moment in the club’s history, resulting in the loss of 97 lives. It led to significant changes in stadium safety regulations.

In the 1988–89 season, Liverpool faced a heartbreaking finish to the league, losing the title on total goals scored to Arsenal in the final minute of the season.

Kenny Dalglish’s resignation in 1991 was tied to the Hillsborough disaster’s emotional toll.

Liverpool Fun Facts

Liverpool’s first-ever trophy was the Lancashire League, secured in their debut season in 1892-93.

The club’s dominance in the 1980s extended to an impressive five League titles in that decade.

Liverpool’s triumph in the 2004-05 UEFA Champions League made them the permanent holders of the trophy, and they were awarded a multiple-winner badge.

The 2018-19 season saw Liverpool set records, including winning the Premier League with seven games remaining.

Liverpool’s international success includes winning the FIFA Club World Cup in 2019 and completing the international treble of Club World Cup, Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup.


Liverpool has an incredible history that shows its strength, skill, and determination. From the old days to now, Liverpool has made a lasting mark in football. The fans’ loyalty, memorable moments, and impressive achievements have made Liverpool one of the most respected football clubs in the world.


When was Liverpool Football Club founded?

Liverpool F.C. was founded in 1892 following a dispute between the Everton committee and John Houlding, the club’s president and landowner at Anfield.

How many times has Liverpool won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League?

Liverpool has won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League six times, with victories in 1976–77, 1977–78, and 2018–19.

What is Liverpool’s highest average league finishing position for a 50-year period?

Liverpool has an average league finishing position of 3.3 for the 50-year period to 2015.

How many times has Liverpool won the Premier League or First Division title?

Liverpool has won the Premier League or First Division title 19 times, with their most recent victory in the 2019-20 season.

Which international treble did Liverpool achieve in the 2019-20 season?

Liverpool achieved the international treble of Club World Cup, Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup in the 2019-20 season.