Arsenal vs Liverpool Head to Head


Total matches played: 239

Liverpool wins: 94

Arsenal wins: 82

Games drawn: 63

When it comes to breathtaking battles on the Premier League stage, there’s none quite like Arsenal vs. Liverpool. These two giants of the game have ignited passions, created legends, and etched their names into football history with blazing goals and jaw-dropping moments.

Get ready to be enthralled as we plunge headfirst into the exhilarating saga of this legendary rivalry, where passion, pride, and precision meet on the hallowed turf!

Arsenal vs Liverpool History

Two of the most popular football clubs in the world, Arsenal and Liverpool first locked horns in a competitive fixture on October 28, 1893, when they faced off in League Division Two. Liverpool came out on top with a resounding 5-0 victory. Little did they know that this match would mark the beginning of a long and enduring rivalry.

In the early years, one of the richest football clubs in the world, Liverpool enjoyed a relatively strong record against Arsenal, recording numerous victories in the early 1900s. However, Arsenal began to find their stride in the 1920s and ’30s, with notable wins in the FA Cup. The rivalry started to heat up as both clubs competed at the top level of English football.

Head-to-Head Statistics

To truly understand the depth of this rivalry, let’s examine the head-to-head statistics between Arsenal and Liverpool.

  • Games won by Liverpool: 94
  • Games won by Arsenal: 82
  • Games drawn: 63

These numbers show the closely contested nature of this fixture. While Liverpool may have the edge in terms of wins, Arsenal has certainly held its own over the years.

Memorable Matches

As we delve into the history of this fixture, several classic matches stand out:

1989: Arsenal’s Title Decider

One of the most iconic moments in English football history came on May 26, 1989, at Anfield. Arsenal needed to defeat Liverpool by a two-goal margin to secure the league title. In a dramatic match, Arsenal triumphed 2-0, snatching the title from Liverpool in the final moments. This match is remembered as one of the greatest moments in Arsenal’s history.

2001: FA Cup Final

The FA Cup final in 2001 saw  two of the most popular Premier League football clubs, Arsenal and Liverpool battle at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Liverpool took the lead through Freddie Ljungberg’s own goal, but Arsenal fought back with two late goals from Michael Owen. However, Arsenal’s Michael Owen secured a 2-1 victory for the Gunners.

Recent Encounters

In recent years, Arsenal and Liverpool have produced some thrilling encounters:

April 3, 2021: Liverpool won with a 3-0 score in the Premier League.

November 20, 2021: Liverpool dominated with a 4-0 win in the Premier League.


March 16, 2022: Liverpool recorded a 2-0 victory in the Premier League.

April 9, 2023: The most recent encounter ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw in the Premier League.

These recent matches show that the rivalry remains as intense as ever, with both clubs still competing at the highest level.


The history of Arsenal vs. Liverpool isn’t just a tale, it’s a symphony of footballing brilliance that’s woven into the very fabric of English football. Picture this – from their fiery clashes in the late 19th century to the thunderous showdowns we witness today in the Premier League, these two footballing juggernauts have painted masterpieces of excitement and drama, captivating fans across the globe.

And here’s the kicker, my friends: as both Arsenal and Liverpool continue to evolve, to push the boundaries of excellence, we’re not just looking at history; we’re gazing into a crystal ball of future classics. Get ready, because the best is yet to come!

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Who has won more matches between Arsenal and Liverpool?

Liverpool has won more matches in their head-to-head encounters against Arsenal, with 94 wins compared to Arsenal’s 82 wins.

How many matches between Arsenal and Liverpool have ended in draws?

There have been 63 matches between Arsenal and Liverpool that have ended in draws.