Roshn Saudi League 2023-2024 Season Teams


Ready to explore the teams of the Saudi Pro League 2023-2024 season? We’ve got a bunch of squads lined up, each with its own unique vibe. From Abha to Jeddah, these teams are gearing up for some exciting football action.

Today, we are going to share a short introduction of each team. So, grab your jerseys and get set to enjoy Saudi football at its best!


City: Abha

Founded in: 1966

Chairman: Ahmed Al-Hodithy

Manager: Czesław Michniewicz

Stadium: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium

Abha, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 25,000


City: Jeddah

Full name: Al-Ahli Saudi Football Club

Nicknames: Al-Raqi (The Classy)

Founded in: 17 March 1937; 86 years ago

Stadium: King Abdullah Sports City

Capacity: 62,346

Owner: Public Investment Fund (75%), Al-Ahli Non-Profit Foundation (25%)

Chairman: Khalid Al-Essa Al- Ghamdi

Manager: Matthias Jaissle


City: Dammam

Full name: Al-Ettifaq Football Club

Nicknames: Faris Ad-Dahna (The Knight of Ad-Dahna), The Commandos

Founded: 1945; 78 years ago

Stadium: Prince Mohamed bin Fahd Stadium, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 26,000

Owner: Ministry of Sports

Chairman: Samer Al-Misehal

Manager: Steven Gerrard

Al Fateh SC

City: Al-Hasa (Hofuf)

Full name: Al Fateh Sports Club

Nicknames: Al Namothji (The Role Model), Abna Al Nakhil (Sons of the Palm)

Founded: 1958; 65 years ago

Stadium: Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Stadium

Capacity: 19,550

Chairman: Mansour Al-Afaliq

Manager: Slaven Bilić

Al-Fayha FC

City: Al Majma’ah

Full name: Al Fayha Football Club[citation needed]

Nicknames: Al Burtuqali (The Orange), Tawahin Sudair (The Mills of Sudair)

Founded: 1953; 70 years ago

Stadium: King Salman Sport City Stadium

Capacity: 7,000

Chairman: Tawfiq Al-Modaiheem

Manager: Vuk Rašović

Al-Hazem F.C.

City: Ar Rass

Full name: Al-Hazem Sport Club

Nicknames: Hazem Al-Samood

Founded: 1957; 66 years ago

Stadium: Al-Hazem Club Stadium, Ar Rass, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 8,000

Chairman: Sulaiman Al-Malik

Manager: Filipe Gouveia

Al Hilal SFC

City: Riyadh

Full name: Al Hilal Saudi Football Club

Nicknames: Al-Za’eem (The Boss), Blue Waves

Founded: 16 October 1957; 65 years ago (as Olympic Club)

Stadium: King Fahd International Stadium

Capacity: 58,398

Owner: Public Investment Fund (75%), Al Hilal Non-Profit Foundation (25%)

Manager: Jorge Jesus


City: Jeddah

Full name: Al-Ittihad Saudi Club

Nicknames: (Al-Numoor) “The Tigers”, (Nadi Al-Sha’ab) “The People’s Club”, (Nadi Al-Watan) “The Nation’s Club”, (Amid Al-Andiyah) “The Chief of Clubs”

Founded: 26 December 1927; 95 years ago

Stadium: King Abdullah Sports City

Capacity: 62,345

Owner: Public Investment Fund (75%), Al-Ittihad Non-Profit Foundation (25%)

Chairman: Anmar Al Haily

Manager: Nuno Espírito Santo


City: Saihat

Full name: Khaleej Football Club

Nicknames: Al-Danah

Founded: 1945; 78 years ago

Stadium: Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Stadium

Capacity: 10,000

Chairman: Alaa Al-Heml

Manager: Pedro Emanuel


City: Riyadh

Full name: Al Nassr Football Club

Nicknames: Al-Alami (The Global One), Faris Najd (Knights of Najd)

Founded: 24 October 1955; 67 years ago

Stadium: Al-Awwal Park

Capacity: 25,000

Owner: Public Investment Fund (75%), Al Nassr Non-Profit Foundation (25%)

Manager: Luís Castro


City: Najran

Full name: Al-Okhdood Club

Founded: 1976; 47 years ago

Stadium: Prince Hathloul bin Abdul Aziz Sports City

Capacity: 12,000

Chairman: Sami Al Fadehl

Manager: Jorge Mendonça


City: Buraidah

Full name: Al Raed Saudi Football Club

Nicknames: Raed Al Tahadi

Founded: 1954; 69 years ago

Stadium: King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 25,000

Chairman: Fahad Al-Motawa’a

Manager: Igor Jovićević


City: Riyadh

Full name: Al-Riyadh Saudi Club

Founded: 1953; 70 years ago (as Ahli Al-Riyadh)

Stadium: Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Stadium

Capacity: 15,000

Manager: Yannick Ferrera


City: Riyadh

Full name: Al-Shabab Football Club

Nicknames: Al Leith (White Lion)

Founded: 1947; 76 years ago

Stadium: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, Riyadh

Capacity: 15,000

Chairman: Kholaif Al-Hweshan

Manager: Juan Brown (caretaker)


City: Buraidah

Full name: Al Taawoun Football Club

Nicknames: Sukri Al-Qasim, Al Dhiaab (The Wolves)

Founded: 1956; 67 years ago

Stadium: King Abdullah Sport City Stadium, Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 25,000

Chairman: Saud Al-Rashoodi

Manager: Péricles Chamusca


City: Ha’il

Full name: Al-Tai Sport Club

Nicknames: Faris Al Shamal (Knight of The North) Al Hatmawi

Founded: 23 July 1961; 62 years ago

Stadium: Prince Abdul Aziz bin Musa’ed Stadium, Ha’il, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 12,250

Owner: Fahd bin Musa’ed Al-Saud

Manager: Laurențiu Reghecampf


City: Mecca

Full name: Al-Wehda Football Club

Nicknames: Fursan Mecca (Knights of Mecca), Al Mared Al Ahmar (The Red Giant)

Founded: 1946; 77 years ago

Stadium: King Abdul Aziz Stadium

Capacity: 38,000

President: Sultan Azhar

Manager: Giorgos Donis


City: Khamis Mushait

Full name: Damac Football Club

Nicknames: Faris Al-Janub (The Knight of the South), Jabal Damac (Mountain of Damac)

Founded: 1972; 51 years ago

Stadium: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Stadium, Abha, Saudi Arabia

Capacity: 20,000

Chairman: Khaled Al Masha’at

Manager: Cosmin Contra


As we wrap up our introduction to the Roshn Saudi League 2023-2024 season, we hope you’re as excited as we are to follow the thrilling journey of these teams. The simplicity of football, the unity of fans, and the love for the game bring us all together, no matter where we are.

Which team are you most excited to follow this season? Is there a particular match you can’t wait to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to hit that share button to spread the excitement with your fellow football enthusiasts!